Davi'r of Kiri jolith

A 19 year old Cleric raised in the cloister of Kiri jolith, he is lived there as long as he can rememer. He has mild kleptomania


Strength:16 Dexterity:16 Consitution:15 Intelligence:15 Wisdom:17 Charisma:12

Hit Points: 10 A/C 10

Saving Throws / +4 Con bonus Para/Poison Rod/Staff/Wand Petra/Poly Breath Wepons Spells


Left outside front gate on the longest night of the year – Takhisis Day He has been raised commnionally by the religious order of The Way, devotes of the Ansalon God Kiri jolith, the God of War. He has been rasied like a little brother, Nephew and Son by the Members of the Order know as The Way. While been taught the skills and knowledge of the Order – Prayer, Fighting skills and warfare. He always had a tenadncy to misplace other pepoles items into his posession – his quick talking often was not fast enough and he suffered the correctonal trainig delt out to all Preists of the Order. He was dignosed 3 years ago to have mild kleptomania.

His scars look like he has raised grid patterns over 75% of his body.

Well liked by all he has recently been given the offical role of Relic Recovery Coordintator – this was thought the best vocation as it aleast it seems to stop him accuitrng items from the order.

Davi'r of Kiri jolith

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